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Medium and fine filters: M5-F9

Bag filters for molecular filtration Bag filters for molecular filtration

Pleated panels for molecular filtration are compact, two in one particle and odour pre-filters which can be used in applications like offices and public buildings where coarse particles, odours and gases needs to be removed.

Bag Filters Bag Filters

The Hi-Flo family contains of a varity of bagfilters with steel frames (-M, -TM, -P, -UF, -A) and moulded plastic frames (-XLT, XLS) with glass fibre media.
The Standard-Flo bag filter is a bag filter with glass fibre media.
The Basic-Flo bag filter contains of a steel frame and synthetic fibre media.

Compact filters for molecular filtration Compact filters for molecular filtration

The CityCarb compact filters are 2 in 1 solution with particle- and molecular filtration in the same media. CityCarb are installed in both new and existing installations. It´s easy to replace standard particle filters with the CityCarb to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in applications such as office buildings, shopping centers, schools and other public buildings situated in urban areas with heavy traffic. The CityCarb CH is specially designed to protect artefacts in museums, archives and galleries.

Compact filters Compact filters

Compact Filters are often used as second filter stage in the supply air, either as last filter stage for comfort applications or as second prefilter stage for clean process applications.
Compact filters need less space (depth) in air handling systems than bag filters:
Opakfil ES is a A+ compact filter with very low energy consumption.
Opakfil ST is a compact filter with low energy consumption.

Pleated panels Pleated panels

Pleated panels plays an important role in extending lifetime and IAQ of Air Handling Units in Residential, Commercial buildings, Hospitals or even Make up units for Clean Processes.
EcoPleat Green has a plastic frame and the Ecopleat Eco a water resistant cardboard frame. The pleated media is wetlaid glass filter.
The M-Pleat Green has a plastic frame and synthetic pleated media.

Deap pleated filters Deap pleated filters

Airopac is a deap pleated filter with and without header frame. It´s used for air conditioning applications and preparatory filtration in clean rooms.
The Airopac High Temp is designed for high temperature applications.

Prosafe Selection Prosafe Selection

The ProSafe filters are designed to comply with the strict demands on safety, traceability and control in the Food & Beverage and Life Science industries.


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