Historical Review

Historical Review

The Camfil Group has its roots in the Swedish company Camfil AB, founded in 1963 by Gösta Larson as a joint venture with Cambridge Filtration Corporation (United States), with operations in Trosa, Sweden, about 70 km south of Stockholm.
     The company is headquartered in Stockholm today, while Trosa still serves as the production, sales and distribution base for the Swedish subsidiary and one of the main R&D hubs for the Group.
     After 20 years of expansion in Europe, Camfil became a wholly owned family business in 1983, when Cambridge’s shareholding was acquired.
     The Larson family, together with the Markman family, were the sole owners of Camfil up to 2000, when a Swedish private equity company received a minority interest in connection with the acquisition of Farr in the U.S., after which Camfil became Camfil Farr. This minority shareholding was redeemed in 2011 and Camfil Farr became a 100-percent-owned family business again.
     In 2013, the Group is celebrating 50 years in the clean air solutions business. The Camfil name has become well known in the U.S. since the Farr acquisition and the company has expanded operations in other parts of the world, mainly in Asia.
     In conjunction with the 50th anniversary, the company returned to its roots and changed the official name back to Camfil in early 2013.

  • 1963 - Camfil establishes joint venture with Cambridge USA
  • 1966 - Camfil Germany, founded
  • 1969 - Camfil Switzerland, founded
  • 1972 - Camfil Denmark, founded
  • 1973 - Camfil Netherlands, founded
  • 1974 - Camfil Belgium, founded
  • 1975 - Camfil Italy, founded
  • 1976 - Camfil France, founded
  • 1979 - Camfil Finland, founded
  • 1982 - Camfil England, founded
  • 1983 - Camfil becomes independent
  • 1985 - Purchase of Allied Filters & Pumps, Ireland
  • 1989 - Purchase of Sofiltra, France, and Filtra, USA
  • 1995 - Camfil Component Sweden, founded / Camfil Spain, founded
  • 1997 - Purchase of Automet Filtration Ltd, England / Camfil Malaysia, founded
  • 1998 - Purchase of Industrifilter AB, Sweden
  • 1999 - Purchase of Delcon Filtration Group Inc., Canada
  • 2000 - Camfil Australia, founded / Camfil Poland, founded / Rep. Office established in Shanghai, China
  • 2000 - Ratos purchases 30% of Camfil Farr in connection with the acquisition of Farr Co., USA
  • 2001 - Camfil New Zealand, founded / Nordfilter AB purchased / Camfil China, founded
  • 2002 - Plant opened in China
  • 2003 - Two plants in Malaysia combined
  • 2004 - Camfil Thailand, founded / Rep. Office established in Moscow, Russia
  • 2005 - Camfil Brazil, founded / Plant opened in Mexico
  • 2006 - Purchase of Australian Air Filters / Purchase of Kaefer Raco, Germany / Purchase of IF Luftfilter AB, Sweden
  • 2007 - Camfil Slovakia, founded / New plant in China opened / Camfil Japan, founded / Camfil Taiwan, founded / Purchase of Kaare Rustad AS, Norway
  • 2008 - JV with Anand Group, India / Acquisition of Air Care Technology Ltd and Total Air, New Zealand
  • 2009 - Acquisition of Mecke Klima GmbH, Austria
  • 2010- Camfil opens a new state-of-the-art Technology Centre in Trosa, Sweden
  • 2011- Exit of minority shareholder (Ratos) / Camfil Middle East, founded Camfil India becomes wholly owned and new production hub for Power Systems in Trichy
  • 2012- Camfil opens its first Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) Service Center, situated in Taiwan / Railroad unit divested.
  • 2013 -  New factory opened in Heywood UK to manufacture Air Pollution Control products / Office established in Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2014 - Acquisition of Handte Group (Germany) to expand APC product line / New production plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil to serve the Latin American market

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